Hi, I'm Nhân

and this is my humble corner on the interwebs.

I’ve written some open source software in my free time. In some cases I even maintain them! Shocking, I know.


McRoss is a minimal and usable gemini:// browser written in python and tkinter, meaning it Just Works (tm) on any self-respecting desktop OS: Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and maybe the BSDs? Never tried one of those.


ORTS is a GUI for operating scoreboards on fighting game streams.

An animated wallpaper for KDE Plasma

I was frustrated that KDE 5 didn’t allow animated gifs as wallpaper so I wrote one. Every now and then someone would use it on /r/unixporn and cause a surge in github stars. It is currently my most starred repo, which gives me mixed feelings.


Caophim is my take on imageboard software and also my excuse to try Nim. There’s a usable live instance at caophim.net. It’s nowhere near my goals but to be honest I got tired of running into nim’s bugs, in the compiler, the standard library, the flagship module that’s supposed to supersede a module in the standard library… you name it. The straw that broke the camel’s back though, was this gem right here that remains unfixed to this day.

Unmaintained projects

Pytaku was an online “manga aggregator aggregator”: it let me follow new manga scanlation releases on multiple sites. Eventually the limits of Google App Engine’s free offering prompted me to do a rewrite which resulted in endless yak-shaving and analysis paralysis. Then life happened, then tachiyomi happened and I lost the actual need for the project.